Acupuncture needles and chinese herbal medicine selection with I Ching coins.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the main modality within TCM. Custom-written, whole-herb-based formulas contain their own checks and balances, thereby minimizing side effects. In their traditional application, herbal formulas are steeped for hours and ingested as a tea over a period of months. The teas tend to taste bitter and are malodorous because they are made mostly from roots and barks where the strongest medicinals are found. Tinctures, pills and powders are commonly used as a more compliant, however less potent alternative. The effects of TCM herbal medicine tends to be more gradual than the conventional pharmaceutical, but gentler on the body. While TCM’s mild nature may render it ineffective in emergency situations, it may be the ideal choice for the treatment of chronic illness and prevention of disease.

Chinese herbal medicine involves the use of natural plant and mineral substances to produce healing changes in the body and is regarded as a powerful complement to acupuncture treatment. Many practitioners use Chinese herbs as a way of offering the body continual therapeutic input between acupuncture treatments. By taking herbs on a daily basis, the positive momentum created by acupuncture is enhanced.

When properly practiced, Chinese herbal medicine is a safe, effective alternative to harsh pharmaceutical medications. We prescribe with the utmost integrity and skill and source the highest quality herbs.