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Acupuncture treats just about everything! Because acupuncture facilitates and strengthens your body’s healing mechanisms, it can alleviate, improve or stop the progression of many health conditions. Learn More

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine involves the use of natural plant and mineral substances to produce healing changes in the body and is regarded as a powerful complement to acupuncture treatment. Learn More

Nutritional Support

Using the dietary principles of Chinese medicine, we can recommend foods and supplements that best suit the condition and individual pattern. Whole food and vegetarian supplements are available. Learn More

Emotional Support

Using mindfulness-based therapy, we work with you to identify what brings you into therapy now and would like to improve in your life, as well as supporting you to process the impact of past hurts & traumas. Learn More

Zyto Balance Scan

ZYTO technology provides general wellness information, including information about biological preferences, by enabling a computer to communicate with your body. Learn More

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