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Bay area acupuncture & wellness center

We work in partnership with our patients by carefully tailoring treatments to the individual.

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Women's Health

From puberty to menopause, women’s bodies go through many transitions. We tailor our treatments to the needs of women through all of life’s stages and transitions to create a unique response to each phase of life.

Women’s Health


Our treatment includes regular acupuncture & herbal medicine, combined with lifestyle & dietary advice. We can optimize your ability to conceive naturally or work with your doctor to support the fertility treatment plan they prescribe.


Internal Medicine

Our focus is on treating your body’s unique pattern of disharmony and its effects on your whole body. Our experienced practitioners focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease and treating it appropriately.

Internal Medicine

Men's Health

With tailored treatments & custom herbal formulas we can relieve various ailments that affect men. Our approach can help men of all ages optimize sexual performance, support their reproductive goals, and maintain urological health.

Men’s Health

What’s Your Season?

An exciting new approach to living well, to optimize your health. When we live in optimal health, our bodies move effortlessly along with nature and exhibit the characteristics of each of the seasons throughout the year.

Yinfinite Wellness is a team of collaborative, knowledgeable practitioners who believe in the body’s intrinsic capacity for healing and its ultimate desire to thrive. As skilled acupuncturists, herbalists, and nutritional counselors, we unite science with ancient, medical art to restore each individual’s natural potential for wellness.

We craft individual treatments to address each patient’s internal landscape.

That’s why we take the time to get to know you. As part of our diagnosis, we are looking at your unique symptom pattern. At Yinfinite Wellness, you’ll receive a 90 minute initial consultation and acupuncture treatment, a custom made formula, and a guided nutrition plan.

What people say about us...

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful care you have given me during a difficult time in my life. Your gentleness enabled me to fully benefit from acupuncture. I thank you from the moment we met for putting my mind at ease, making my body and spirit feel at their optimal health, and sharing with me the gift you have been blessed with. Thank you once again for all of your kindhearted actions. – Tami

We write this with so such gratitude and appreciation for you and your treatment. We were trying to get pregnant for 6 years without any success. Within 3 months of treatment we got pregnant. Now we have healthy and beautiful child. Wish we had found you sooner. – Vani & Srini

I treated debilitating SI joint pain during pregnancy very quickly and very successfully with acupuncture. And my mom avoided back surgery for a herniated disk with acupuncture. Since it is non-invasive and has no dangerous side-effects, it is at least worth a try! I have been to Brielle Kelly for treatment (to help induce labor), and she is great. Super sweet and nurturing. And very professional. – Sylvia

As a teenager, I often find myself being pushed aside or not taken quite as seriously by doctors/ acupuncturists. But this is completely different with Brielle – she cares deeply for all her patients, without regard to age, size, gender, whatever! My mother and I both go to her, and we cannot recommend her highly enough. I’m also the president of her fan club … we have a very large following. – Karen

Brielle has allowed me to think about health in an entirely new way. I initially came into her care for a specific alignment, but after one year of regular treatment I have grown to understand that acupuncture allows me to maintain a balanced and holistic approach to total health. Both my husband and myself now see Brielle at least once a month (often more!), and our health has never been in better hands. The experience has truly changed our lives! – Kelly

I wanted to write and thank you for your work on my foot. I went for my first run and had no pain. I’m able to put all my weight back on my foot and don’t feel any signs of the neuroma. The swelling has gone down and all appears to be back to normal. Thank you so much for your kindness, upbeat fun attitude and perseverance in healing my foot. It will take me a while to get back into my long runs but I am confident I will get there. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be able to continue doing something that makes me feel so much better. You’re the best! – Aspen